Hard Chrome Plating

For Industrial Companies

R. A. Heller has some of the larger hard chromium plating equipment in the Midwest. For over sixty years, we have provided our customers with the highest quality chrome plating for critical and severe duty applications. Whether your requirements are for large cylinders or rods, or for production plating, we have the necessary equipment and expertise to satisfy your needs.  Hard chrome plating can extend the life of your equipment,  experience less downtime with parts that have been hard chrome plated, bearing diameters, seal diameters, etc.  No need to buy new parts often times.  Go green at RA Heller Company.

Chrome Plating on a Print Riller

We currently have 7 hard chromium plating tanks. Our 16-foot horizontal tank makes it possible to chrome plate long parts in one set-up, cutting production time and eliminating the need and expense of double ending parts.

The remaining vertical plating tanks are of various sizes offering several methods of servicing your projects. For these reasons, our facility has attracted the attention of many industries, all across the nation. For faster plating and superior performance, RA Heller uses the HEEF plating process. This process provides one of the hardest, brightest, and fastest plating in the industry, up to 2 times faster than conventional chrome plating.

Our chrome plating shop have modern exhaust air handling, waste treatment systems, and tensiometers that comply with or exceed  industry regulations. Our goal is for every job to be completed on time and meet the customers’ most precise specifications.

Our successful plating record has been achieved through years of experience in surface preparation, material compatibility, and proper stress relief as required by such specifications as AMS2406, AMS2460, ISO6158, and QQC320, as well as other specifications.

Chrome-Plated Parts:
Cylinder Rods
I.D. Surfaces
Rolls, Conveyor          Firing Pins
Production Parts

*For decorative automotive chrome plating, see our friends at DG Custom Chrome in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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