Industries for Industrial Repair

R. A. Heller has provided a wide range of industrial repair parts.  The following list includes only a sample. Please contact us for additional information, or to see how we can specifically benefit you.

Steel & Aluminum Industry

R. A. Heller has worked closely with the steel and aluminum industries. Whether you operate a hot or cold mill, we can assist you in ensuring the smooth operation of your rolls. Roll manufacturing and repair is a significant area of our work. We have established reliable procedures to industrial repair or manufacture new rolls, whether they need special metallurgical requirements, a custom weld overlay, or a durable chrome layer.

From melt shops to roll mills, we have helped our customers increase their up time. Our chrome department has manufactured and completely restored various types of press molds. Our grind and machine shops recondition and rebuild mill rolls, leveler rolls, tension rolls, Herr Voss rolls, Wean & Danieli rolls, bearing housings, and large shafting.

Pulp, Paper, & Roofing Industries

For the past 60 years, R. A. Heller has excelled in the industrial repair of complex and critical pieces of equipment for the pulp, toilet paper industry. Our skilled craftsmen have worked with many types of rolls in the pulp and paper manufacturing process, from very large head box rolls, corrugated rolls, to very complex texture rolls as well as the manufacturing and hard chrome plating of coating rods.

In our chrome plating shop, we hard chrome plate bearing journals, whether I.D. or O.D., to far exceed their original conditions. This chrome plating process results in a harder, more accurate bearing surface that extends the life of the bearings. Our extensive capabilities and specialized equipment are well suited to a wide range of quality re-chroming and repair work on such items as:

  • Dump Truck Telescopic Cylinders
  • Earth Moving Hydraulic Cylinders
  • Hydraulic & Pneumatic Cylinders
  • Hydraulic Pump, Motor, & Valve
  • Hard Chrome Plating to Restore Bearing & Seal Fits
  • Roll Repair & Manufacturing Face, Journal, & Head Repairs
  • Shingle Mill Rolls, Star Wheels, Paddle Rolls, & Wear Plates
  • Conveyor Rolls

Oil & Gas Industry

R. A. Heller has been serving the oil and gas industry for a number of years, providing industrial repair parts for oil rigs and gas drilling components (ie. mud motor rotors and refining equipment, fracking components).

Can, Bottling & Punch Manufacturing

R. A. Heller has been involved with the can, bottling punch industry for over 45 years. Because we work within extremely close tolerances, projects from rams,  punches, crankshafts to misc. tooling are within our capabilities. In-house chrome plating, metalizing, and grinding capabilities make this work a natural fit. In the bottling industry we done a variety of components including Waterfalls, Decks, Dead Plates & Etc.

Plastic Injection & Die Casting Industries

R. A. Heller has been involved with the Plastic Injection, Blow Molding, & Die Casting industries for over 45 years. Our projects have ranged from industrial repair of injection machines for custom applications to rebuilding mechanical and hydraulic components (i.e. link pins, hydraulic rams, pistons, platens, screws, and extrusion molds).

Aerospace Industry

We are involved in hard chrome plating, grinding, and machining for various parts in the aerospace industry, adhering to such specifications as AMS 2406 and AMS2460 for hydrogen embrittlement relief.

Mining Industry

R. A. Heller has worked to repair various high-wear items used in the coal mining industry, ie coal screens, wear plates, hydraulic cylinders, piston rods, etc..

Wind Turbine Industry

R. A. Heller is pleased to say we are now part of the wind turbine industry, Vestas, Siemens, GE, Micon and more. Repairing planetary gears, turbine, and planet shafts in gearboxes for Winergy, Moventas, Hansen, Bosch, IMT 89, GETS, making green energy even more green.

Miscellaneous Services

Our shop has chrome plated a wide range of items including:

  • Saw Blades
  • Food Processing Parts
  • Agricultural-Combine Wear Parts
  • Wood Processing & Veneer Rolls & Bars
  • Brick & Paver Molds
  • Printing Rolls
  • Gate & Ball Valves
  • Medical Parts
  • Firing Pins
  • PTR Baler Hydraulic Rods
  • Hydromat Shafts & Quills
  • Conveyor Rolls

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